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Meta layoffs 2023: HR staff impacted globally, support pours in on LinkedIn

Meta layoffs 2023: 'This morning, I woke up to an unfortunate email letting me know that I was part of Meta's second round of layoffs...' former senior technical recruiter Gyorgy K shared.

March 16, 2023 / 06:52 PM IST
Meta had cut about 11,000 jobs during the first round of layoffs.

Meta had cut about 11,000 jobs during the first round of layoffs.

When Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the second round of layoffs on Tuesday, he also specified that the company intends to reduce the size of its recruiting team. Two days later, social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, witnessed accounts from several now-former HR employees announcing that they have been laid off and appealing for help with job opportunities.

Among them, Rich D from California shared that he witnessed the company grow by 67 percent during his three-year tenure. "While we all didn’t achieve the outcome we hoped for, we still accomplished something incredible together," he wrote on LinkedIn.

Sarah Kerr from Virginia had worked with Meta as a Facebook product design recruiter for over a year. She was laid off on Wednesday. "Like many of my insanely talented peers at Meta, I was impacted by the latest round of layoffs this morning," Kerr shared on LinkedIn. "There is a purpose to change and I am excited for what may be next. I’ve spent my last 17+ years helping individuals find their dream job and have loved every minute of it. I’m asking for my amazing network to help me on my journey to find my next dream opportunity."

UK's Suly Kamara was clear about the number of employees he brought on board at Meta before being laid off on Wednesday. "I have 8+ years of experience in technical recruiting, in Meta was responsible for hiring, to be honest, I was flexing all the time so the list could be long," he wrote on LinkedIn.

On Thursday, senior technical recruiter Gyorgy K from Dallas woke up to the news of his layoff. "This morning, I woke up to an unfortunate email letting me know that I was part of Meta's second round of layoffs... After the initial shock, I found myself reflecting over the past twelve months," he wrote on LinkedIn. "Life is all about growth and new opportunities and I am grateful for all the skills I developed through Meta. I am excited to take on the next challenge!"

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Another former Meta employee who chose to focus on the silver lining was Alex Reyes from Greater Sacramento, US. He had worked with the tech giant for more than seven years. "I’m out Metamates. It was a good run. No regrets. The last seven years focused on DEI Recruiting Strategy and Programs has been an amazing experience," he wrote. Reyes added that he is planning on taking a break and spending time with his family before looking for another job.

A common factor among all these appeals made on social media was the outpouring of support that they received. Many of the former Meta employees not only commented for better reach but also offered referrals for job opportunities.

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Ankita Sengupta
first published: Mar 16, 2023 06:46 pm