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Watch: Can Indian startups sustain their current pace of growth? India’s Unicorns weigh in

January 25, 2023 / 07:25 PM IST

It was earlier in May this year that India minted its 100th Unicorn – a startup that crossed the $1 bn valuation mark – a very special milestone indeed. ‘Money Control and Citibank In Conversation with unicorn startups of India’ is a very special show that brings together CEOs and founders of a handful of India’s top unicorns, shedding light on their journey, their ambitions, and how they’re dealing with inflation, global events, and the current funding winter that’s affecting startups around the world.

Hosted by Paromita Chatterjee, MoneyControl and Citibank conversed with panellists Vaibhav Tiwari - co-founder of Portea Medical, Ravi Bhushan - founder and CEO of Bright Champs, Chitresh Sharma - co-founder and CEO of Refyne, Saurabh Jain - co-founder and CEO of Livspace India.

We also have Tushar Vikram - managing director and head of commercial banking at Citibank India. Not many people know this, but Citibank has been banking startups from infancy to IPO and beyond for decades now, and offers a whole host of customised solutions for startups of all sizes. Some of these startups are now unicorns.

The full video is available below. Do check it out for a deeper insight into India’s startup ecosystem and its prospects, as well as for insights from India’s most successful leaders. What follows is an edited summary featuring key highlights from the 40-minute session.