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Two young passionate traders on a mission to make every Indian financially independent with GTF

August 04, 2022 / 05:17 PM IST

As per SEBI data, the number of demat accounts in India has increased by 63% in FY22 clocking to a total 89.7 million demat accounts as of March 2022. While every year millions of neophytes enter the stock market, majority of them fail in their trading journey because of lack of basic skills. As it is said “knowledge is power”, if one lays a strong foundation by learning the basics and undergoing stock market training courses, they can definitely increase their odds of success.

“A good mentor could be the missing piece you need for trading to click”.

If you really want to make a successful career in trading and learn the nitty-gritty of the market from the experts, join Get Together Finance (GTF), one of the best share market institutes in India providing education to novice as well as professional traders regarding trading in financial markets.

Growth journey of Get Together Finance (GTF)

GTF, the one-of-a-kind trading institute is the brainchild of Mr. Sooraj Singh Gujar and Mr. Arun Singh Tanwar, who have excelled their trading journey and are now on the path of helping aspiring traders attain their trading goals.

The founders of GTF are on a mission to bring out pro traders across the country and bridge that gap between the share market knowledge and successful earnings of people. As quoted by the founders, “GTF encapsulates all that a Pro Trader needs with the help of proven successful methods. At GTF, we work to fulfill the dreams of our students and help them find their best version.”

Since 2015, the institute has been helping students, traders, investors and working professionals earn attractive income in the share market in a systematic manner. From a single student in 2015 to 10,000 active GTF users, 100,000 elementary users and close to a million followers on its ‘Stock Idea’ Telegram channel, GTF truly owns the title of being one of the best trading institutes in India. In fact, GTF is the only solution for anyone willing to learn trading.

How GTF helps ease your stock market journey

The institute provides professional education that teaches you the art of investing through unique and methodological planning. The institute offers an array of customised and affordable online share market courses to assist you to step forward on your investment journey with confidence.

The high-impact courses in trading give you exposure to effective and fruitful trading strategies and techniques and equips you with the right skills to successfully trade in the market thus maximising gains and minimising risks while trading.

Jayendra Yadav, a GTF student says, "Attending your classes was always like taking a deep dive into an ocean full of knowledge and wisdom. You are the best teacher ever! Thank you @soorajsinghgurjar @arunborn2shine. I am really proud of myself that I am part of GTF. GTF is not just a name it's a BRAND. Where people can catch up with all the meaning of Trading in Share Market. Its 20 sessions are not only a session, it's a life-changing machine. Now I am feeling I am in a Demand Zone. Thank you GTF team.”

Carefully curated courses

The course content ranges from the very basics of trading for beginners who are just getting started with trading to advanced courses for professional traders who want to implement unique trading strategies to make smart trading decisions.

One of the popular equity cash market courses is ‘Trading in the Zone’ which helps beginners become pro traders.

Another popular course is ‘GTF Options’ which helps option traders learn rule-based strategies to identify the right entry and exit points in the options market with the help of Option Greeks, Delta, Theta, Vega, Gaama, and Rho.

‘GTF Combo’ is a combination of the above two courses that educate traders on how to earn returns through regular stock market trading as well as apply technical analysis and rule-based strategies to earn through the options trading market.

The thoughtfully designed courses help you understand the advanced price action concepts with the theories of demand and supply. You get to learn how to trade using technical analysis based on chart reading techniques. You can apply these concepts to trade in equity, forex, currency, commodities, etc.

Get Together Finance (GTF) offers advanced programs like Trading in the Zone 2.0 and 2.0 Extended, which are an extension of their equity cash market course. These programmes give you access to key research in the form of descriptive videos by GTF instructors who are also seasoned stock market experts. The valuable insights gained through these programmes help you better understand the market and make better trading decisions.

The advanced programs also prepare you to conduct in-depth research of the stocks, deal with current price actions and include advanced concepts such as trend analysis, moving average, top-down approach and more in your studies.

A course student Ankur Aggarwal affirms for the success of GTF course: “When you want to reach a destination, you should know the path to reach there. If the destination is to earn money from the stock market, the journey should start with GTF. Sooraj sir and Arun sir are like GPS, who will always be there to guide you in the right direction, and never let you take a wrong turn.”

The course is like a journey that will prepare you for the joy of reaching your destination. The telephonic support provided by the mentors is like a dream come true. It’s like your dad/elder brother guiding you throughout your trading journey. The experience of the trainers is immense; take advantage of it while you can,” he adds.

Access premium benefits along with GTF course

When you subscribe to their courses, you also get access to multiple premium benefits such as:

• Lifetime mentorship support to get guidance on your research from stalwarts of the industry

• Access to premium and private trading communities where you can interact with market

experts for better learning opportunities and growth

• Inclusion in a group of batch mates for mutual discussions and interactions

• Access to GTF advance learning programs such as ‘Trading in the zone 2.0’ and ‘Trading in the zone 2.0 Extended’

What sets GTF apart from others in the market is its lifetime mentorship support where every student is paired with one exclusive mentor who handholds them through their career and provides the right guidance to help them achieve their financial potential. The student can share their research, get the resolution to queries and openly interact with their mentors. It is worth noting that Get Together Finance (GTF) is the only institution that provides lifetime mentorship support from industry experts.

Join the league to become a pro trader

If you too wish to make a career in the stock market, Get Together Finance (GTF) is your go-to destination offering one-stop solution for all your trading needs.

The institute is ISO certified and has mentors with NISM regulation.

You can find out more about GTF on their websiteYouTube channel, Telegram and Instagram handle.


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