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If Covid Vanished | 'M.S. Dhoni would be my choice of guest': Livpure CEO Pritesh Talwar's wish list for life after Covid

When Livpure CEO Pritesh Talwar thinks of a Covid-free world, Kishore Kumar’s ‘Zindagi ek Safar’ comes to his mind, along with a wish to pick the brains of M.S. Dhoni and go scuba-diving.

July 04, 2021 / 11:37 AM IST
Livpure CEO Pritesh Talwar

Livpure CEO Pritesh Talwar

Note to readers: While we accept the reality of the coronavirus, it is important to be optimistic. We must believe that there will be a day when the disease will no longer be the all-destroying scourge it is today. And when that day comes, we will be able to enjoy life, maybe with a few adjustments, the way we did before Covid-19. To that end, we are starting ‘If Covid Vanished ...’, a series of interviews with corporate heads and achievers, where we ask them where they’d like to travel or eat, who’d they like to meet, and so on, if the world became Corona-mukt. Follow the series here

Pritesh Talwar, the Livpure CEO, is asked who he’d like to invite home in a Covid-immune world.

If covid vanished“M.S. Dhoni,” he says.

For someone in the business of water purifiers and air-conditioners, it is perhaps natural to think of ‘Captain Cool’.

There’s much more that Talwar, an IIT Kharagpur and IIM Calcutta alumnus, would like to do when the world opens up again. Here’s what he had to say on the subject.

If Covid went away or became manageable, which destination would you like to travel to first and why?

I have been meaning to go to Portugal for a long time, and due to the pandemic, it’s getting harder each day.

Which restaurant/ bar would you go to first and why?

I would like to go out and have nice continental food. Since we have been home, I have hardly managed to eat that kind of food and that is something I crave from time to time.

Which famous stranger would you like to invite home and talk to, and why?

I love sports, and as all of us cricket lovers, I am a fan of M.S. Dhoni. I would like to invite him home and talk to him about how he planned before going into every game and how was it leading legends like Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag.

What public performance/ occasion would you like to attend?

I would definitely want to go and watch IPL.

What group activity would you like to participate in?

I am an outdoors person; would love to go on a trek/ scuba diving with friends and family.

What new skills would you like to learn?

Would want to go for an advanced scuba-diving course.

The first song that comes to mind when you think of a Covid-free world.

Zindagi ek safar hai suhana, yaha kal kya ho kisne jana.

What would your approach to money be for life post Covid?

Would like to contribute a certain portion of my salary to healthcare NGOs.

What new invention/ gadget would you like to see that would help us deal with future pandemics?

An app that can help track the spread of any pandemic on a real-time basis.

What would your motto be for life after the pandemic?

Live like there is no tomorrow.

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