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How brands are going the programmatic way to advertise in this World Cup

Brands are opting for programmatic advertising to target users on platforms like Crickinfo, Crickbuzz or Hotstar.

June 21, 2019 / 09:32 PM IST

With the digital medium becoming a preferred mode for advertisement, brands are making the most of it especially during cricketing events. This World Cup, from Myntra to Paytm, brands are taking the programmatic advertising route to target the right set of audience to get the best returns.

The international sporting event attracts a wide viewership base. But not all brands are looking to tap such a large audience. This is where programmatic advertising, an automated system of displaying dynamic ads on the web, comes into play.

Speaking to Moneycontrol, Ashish Shah, Founder and CEO, Vertoz, a New York-based programmatic advertising company, said, “With cricket fans, you have a bigger audience and with programmatic advertising you can target the audience."

He explained that if an advertiser is targeting on the go users those who either watch matches online or listen to commentaries, advertisers can identify them due to their changing internet protocols (IPs) during the travel. And this is how they can target a specific set of audience from the deluge of viewers and reach them in an effective way.

As programmatic advertising is becoming a viable option for brand communication, it is important to understand what it exactly means.

According to Shah, programmatic advertising is the extension for the evolution of your standard advertising media buying.

“In standard media buying, a brand issues an insertion order to a publication and based on the order the publication places the ad. Now, this was becoming cumbersome. This form of media buying was available in the print media now same has started with the digital media. But with digital it was becoming difficult because with print you had limited publications but with digital, the options were many. So, an automated system was required that automated buying and selling in an effective way.”

Significant budgets are now being allotted by brands for programmatic advertising and Shah says advertisers are cutting off their advertising budgets of other mediums, and moving to online advertising. Something which is especially seen in the FMCG space.

Brands are opting for programmatic advertising to target users on platforms like Crickinfo, Crickbuzz or Hotstar.

And one such example is Swiggy that has integrated Swiggy Pop, a curated list of pocket-friendly single-serve meals, onto the Hotstar app. With this it let cricket fans watching the match on the streaming platform order food without them leaving Hotstar during a match.

Swiggy’s collaboration with Hotstar came when last year the food delivery app saw a 25 percent rise in food orders during the cricket season.

According to Shah, programmatic advertising is opening the door for more and more advertisers. “Earlier there were premium and big advertisers during the World Cup as they had deep pockets. But programmatic advertising offers entry for the smaller advertisers. They can tap the cricket fans. On Cricbuzz and Cricinfo, small advertisers can get certain exposure. There will be visibility and they can be associated with cricket fans.”

He also said that the technology is disrupting because “programmatic advertising works on the real-time bidding and the bidding for ad placement is open and equal for everybody as everybody gets similar exposure.”

In addition, with programmatic advertising, brands can also track their return on ad spend, said Shah.


While one-third of India’s inventory is on programmatic advertising, the country has a long way to go when it comes to its global counterparts like China and Australia. But thanks to cricket more and more advertisers are leveraging this trend.
Maryam Farooqui
first published: Jun 21, 2019 08:42 pm