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Congress govt at Centre dismissed 90 state governments: PM Modi

Indira Gandhi made half century by using Article 356 fifty-times to dismiss the state governments.

February 09, 2023 / 04:51 PM IST
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 9 accused the India’s Grand Old Party of dismissing 90 state governments by misusing Article 356 of the Constitution.

“When Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister, she made a half century by using Article 356 fifty times to topple state governments. In Kerala, first elected left government, not liked by Jawaharlal Nehru was toppled within a short span of time,” said Narendra Modi.

In Tamil Nadu, state governments headed by chief ministers, including MG Ramachandran and M Karunanidhi, were dismissed by the Congress government at the Centre, the PM said while responding to the President’s address in the Upper House.

“In 1980 when Sharad Pawar, the senior most leader in this House was 40-year-old, his government was also toppled by the Congress. He wanted to serve the people of Maharashtra. Unfortunately, he is also standing in support of Congress,” Modi said.

When Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (popularly known as NTR) had gone to America for a health check-up, Congress attempted to topple his government as well, the PM said.

“Take out old newspapers, you will get to know how Raj Bhawan in the states were converted into Congress’s offices. In 2005, NDA had more seats in Jharkhand, but governor invited UPA members for oath,” he said.

Congress is misleading the nation, but people of this nation know their reality. The party is concerned more about their politics and made every situation worse, said PM Modi. Citing newspaper reports, Modi said that there are more than 600 schemes in name of Gandhi-Nehru family.

The PM also asserted that states should not take politically expedient decisions that worsen economic situation going ahead. States need discipline on this front and reiterated target of making country a developed nation by 2047.

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first published: Feb 9, 2023 04:51 pm