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Simply Save podcast | Why exposure to international equities can make a big difference to your equity investments?

Tim Edwards, managing director of index investment strategy at S&P Dow Jones Indices talks to Jash Kriplani of Moneycontrol, about how exposure to international equities can help equity returns. He shares relevant data to back up his view.

international equities, indian investors, how to invest, US equity, overseas markets, domestic mutual fund, mutual funds, podcast india, moneycontrol podcast / December 08, 2020 / 06:17 PM IST

Investing in international equities is gradually becoming a subject of interest among Indian investors.

Traditionally, Indian investors have had a strong home bias and have often ignored overseas markets. But, the strong performance of US equity markets -- in particular -- has generated interest among Indian investors.

Domestic mutual funds are launching a number of schemes offering exposure to international equity markets, whether it is through actively-managed equity funds or through passively-managed mutual fund schemes.

But should investing in international markets be only restricted to taking advantage of short-term gains, or is there a solid case for investing in global markets such as US over the longer term?

And if there is a case, how can allocating to global equities help your investment returns, and reduce the volatility that is usually seen in equity investments? Are there any hard data points that investors can look at and draw comfort from?


In this podcast, Moneycontrol’s Jash Kriplani speaks with Tim Edwards, who is the managing director of index investment strategy at S&P Dow Jones Indices.

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first published: Dec 8, 2020 06:17 pm

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