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Why whistleblower 2.0 is a body blow to Infosys

The current whistleblower letter is far more serious than the one in 2017

October 23, 2019 / 09:34 AM IST
Why whistleblower 2.0 is a body blow to Infosys

Shishir Asthana     Infosys, once the poster boy of corporate governance in India, is for the second time in two years at the receiving end. As was the case in 2017, governance issues have been highlighted by a whistleblower within the company. But unlike the 2017 whistleblower letter, which formed the basis of a confrontation between Narayana Murthy and the Infosys Board of Directors led by Vishal Sikka, the present letter has got little support from the promoters. The markets, rightfully reacted...

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