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Renewable energy push must ensure a just transition in power mix 

A clear-cut plan to support growth in clean power and a rehabilitation programme for those affected by the phase-out of coal are crucial to managing the shift in energy balance in an efficient way  

November 28, 2022 / 08:48 AM IST
Renewable energy push must ensure a just transition in power mix 

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Highlights Incremental addition in clean power capacity restricting expansion in fossil fuel electricity generation Expansion in renewable energy capacity helps to reduce stress in electricity transmission  India is energising the drive to move towards clean power  But electricity from fossil fuels remains the mainstay of power generation  There will be a net addition to thermal power capacity in the next 10 years  Phasing out coal will have to be done judiciously to minimise transitional pain Turbo-charged by the government’s sustained focus on clean power, there is...

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