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No country for individual investors; why DHFL should be made a test case for investor protection

Enough is enough: when will the authorities wake up and stop the wholesale duping of small investors?

June 11, 2019 / 08:46 AM IST
No country for individual investors; why DHFL should be made a test case for investor protection

Shishir Asthana   In the UK a multi-billion GBP equity fund – one in the favourite fund list-- has suspended withdrawals. The fund managed by UK’s top fund manager Neil Woodford is now in the eye of the storm. The GBP 3.7 billion fund has stopped withdrawal after some big accounts said they wanted to exit from the underperforming fund. Woodford Equity Income Fund has seen its asset under management fall from a peak of over GBP 10 billion in late 2017 to the...

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