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Hindustan Unilever: A new CEO for the parent could be good news for investors

Alan Jope’s decision to retire as Unilever CEO could see the 20 percent operating margin discarded and a new CEO tasked with accelerating growth

September 29, 2022 / 01:57 PM IST
Hindustan Unilever: A new CEO for the parent could be good news for investors

Alan Jope will have a short-lived tenure as Unilever CEO. He is set to retire by end-2023 after spending five years in the position. Investors in Hindustan Unilever should sit up and take note. Ordinarily, top-level changes at the parent of a foreign-owned company do not arouse much interest. Even in Unilever, a new CEO's arrival has not always led to a dramatic outcome for the Indian subsidiary. But this time could be different. If you read the commentary on Jope’s...

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