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Ensuring pharma quality is vital for both national and industry health

Recent international incidents related to cough syrups exported from India raise several questions about the industry and regulatory oversight

January 03, 2023 / 09:56 AM IST
Ensuring pharma quality is vital for both national and industry health

Quality medicines are needed for patients to regain good health. They are also essential for the pharma industry to survive.

Within two months close to 90 children have died in two countries, Gambia and Uzbekistan, after consuming cough syrups contaminated with deadly chemicals that should not be found in any medicine. These medicines were manufactured in India by Maiden Pharmaceuticals in the case of Gambia and Marion Biotech in the case of Uzbekistan. A Gambian parliamentary committee has concluded that the deaths due to acute kidney failure can be linked to the children taking cough syrup manufactured by Maiden. WHO...

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