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Colgate’s results show no signs of growth recovering

The new MD’s efforts to revitalise performance is taking time, although on the brighter side gross margins have improved and advertising expenditure has risen

January 25, 2023 / 02:51 PM IST
Colgate’s results show no signs of growth recovering

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If Hindustan Unilever could manage a 16 percent YoY sales growth in the December quarter, with its beauty and personal care business growing by 10 percent, it’s a bit difficult to digest Colgate-Palmolive (India)’s 0.8 percent YoY sales growth. Sure, HUL’s beauty and personal care business includes a variety of sub-categories such as soaps, skin care, hair care but even then Colgate’s sales growth figure seems too low. HUL’s presentation indicated the FMCG market grew 7-8 percent YoY in...

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