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Need for personal finance to be taught in early years 

Financial orientation in an individual’s early years, as early as in school, would go a long way in honing skills to set and manage life’s goals effectively 

May 26, 2023 / 08:55 AM IST
Need for personal finance to be taught in early years 

The basics of Personal Finance as a subject should be taught to children at school to make each individual bear the onus of financial responsibility.

We are in constant awe of kids these days being so ‘tech-savvy’ and better than us in using electronic gadgets. Can we not teach them the basics of personal financial planning in their formative years, a skill that is becoming increasingly important in a world of uncertainties? Quite a lot of information is available on enabling children to pursue higher education in the best of colleges, universities and more often than not, sending children overseas for higher education.  This is,...

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