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Options Trade | A non-directional options strategy in Bajaj Finance

Bajaj Finance is expected to remain sideways within our range. An Iron Condor trade to capitalise on

July 05, 2022 / 06:26 AM IST
Options Trade | A non-directional options strategy in Bajaj Finance

Markets remained in consolidation phase throughout the week and ended with marginal gains in a highly volatile week ended July 1 amid a falling rupee, persistent FIIs selling, strong auto sales numbers for June, second-highest monthly GST collection and mixed global markets with Dow setting up for its worst first six months since 1962. For the week, BSE Sensex was up 179.95 points (0.34 percent) to close at 52,907.93, while the Nifty50 was up 52.75 points (0.33 percent) to end at 15,752 levels. However, in the month of June, Sensex lost 4.5 percent and Nifty50 shed 4.8 percent.

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