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GuruSpeak: Nikhil Zelawat's journals the secret sauce of his successful trading recipe

His trading logs were a goldmine of information that this trader used to improve his trading skills, converting his learnings into businesses that help other traders. He’s also on a path of self-improvement

November 25, 2022 / 03:39 PM IST
GuruSpeak: Nikhil Zelawat's journals the secret sauce of his successful trading recipe

Unlike other traders who are satisfied with their trading, Zelawat has converted his learning process into a business besides continuing to trade

Every successful trader has a moment of epiphany during their journey. For some, it may be during a training session when an expert trader tries to explain a point, while for others it could be while watching a video or reading a book. For Nikhil Zelawat, his moment of epiphany came when he was writing his trading logs. Not only did it make him a successful trader but it also gave him an opportunity to convert it into a business. Unlike...

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