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Sony's latest update brings Remote Play support to iPhones and iPads

Remote Play is also supported on Android phones, Mac and Windows PCs.

March 08, 2019 / 04:44 PM IST

Sony’s recent mandatory PS4 system update (Version 6.50) provides Remote Play support on iPads and iPhones. The app requires iOS version 12.1 or later.

PS4 players using iPhones or iPads can now use Remote Play to access their PlayStation through Wi-Fi and –

  • Display the PS4 screen on their mobile device.

  • Use the on-screen controller on the phone to control the PS4

  • Join voice chats using the mic on the phone

  • Enter text on the PS4 using the phone’s virtual keyboard

Unfortunately, the update doesn’t offer support to sync a DualShock 4 controller with an iPhone or iPad. But future updates could change that. However, MFi (Made For iPhones/iPads/iPods) controllers can be used to get the full PS4 experience. Sony also claims that not all PS4 games will support Remote Play.

The initial plan for Remote Play

Remote Play was touted as one of the major selling features in the PS Vita. The app was meant to allow users to replicate their PS4 display on their PS Vita screen. Making it possible to play PS4 games on-the-go.

5G could be the answer to Remote Play's biggest drawback


While Sony’s plan materialised, it didn’t really take off. Remote Play users often struggled to get games or enjoy smooth gameplay as mobile Internet connections at the time just weren’t fast enough, and they still aren’t. Sony also announced that streaming PS4 content on mobile devices could only be done over Wi-Fi as mobile internet connections aren’t fast enough, but that may change with the arrival of 5G.

Sony has also recommended that consumers use Remote Play on newer iOS devices, setting the minimum requirement as the iPhone 7, iPad sixth generation and iPad Pro second generation. Remote Play is also supported on Android phones, Mac and Windows PCs.
Carlsen Martin
first published: Mar 8, 2019 04:44 pm

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