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Creators and the power of internet communities

Internet communities, with their shared interests and passions, can be the next big thing in commerce, as creators can directly reach their audience bound together by a strong sense of community

July 03, 2021 / 08:27 AM IST

We are all part of several communities that are inextricably linked to our daily existence—schools, colleges, neighbourhood workplaces and more.

Communities have existed for centuries and today they are more niche and widely spread online. They bind us through our interests and passions and during the second coronavirus wave, we saw how these closely-knit communities, with people like you and me, can make a difference—an impact that even those in positions of power yearn to create.

Technology has enabled us to be a part of global communities and whether as individuals or as brands, our communities define us.

In this three-part series, we explore what communities mean to individuals, creators and brands. We will look at various tech products built in India that will help scale and create unique layers to what we enjoy the most—being part of a community.