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Apple iPhone 12 mini is now available at an effective price of Rs 34,702; Check details here

No that's not clickbait! It's just reliant on a lot of conditions

March 25, 2021 / 07:09 PM IST

Apple iPhone is still the phone to beat. That might seem like a grandiose statement but there is nothing that comes close to the consistency and reliability of Apple’s flagship phone. The entire line-up of Apple’s premium series makes for a great Holi gift, so we thought we would be nice and tell you where you can get some great deals on it.

Online Deals

The iPhone 11 for the effective price of Rs 48,400

Now before you get too excited, I should probably tell you that there a few hoops to jump through. This deal requires that you have a HDFC bank card on hand. The way this works is that if you buy the phone using a HDFC Bank credit or debit card, you get Rs 5,000 cashback. The sticker price for the iPhone 11 right now is Rs 54,900.

This deal also gets you an additional Rs 1,500 discount through a special code on checkout. Apple is running this promotion through Imagine, their official resellers in India. To know more about the deal, click here.

The iPhone 12 mini for an effective price of Rs 62,400

Imagine also has a great deal on the iPhone 12 mini which can see its price reduced to Rs 62,400. Like the iPhone 11 deal, you require a HDFC Bank credit or debit card. In this case, a credit card nets you a bigger cashback value. The sticker price for the phone is Rs 69,900 and you can immediately avail a cashback of Rs 6,000 on that using a HDFC Credit Card. Combine this with the additional Rs 1,500 discount and you can nab a mini for Rs 62,400.

Offline Deals

Besides the great online deals, there are also some awesome deals you can grab offline, i.e., by visiting an Imagine store. Now we must warn you that these will sound downright magical when you read about them next, but they are subject to a lot of conditions that you may or may not meet, so your mileage will vary.

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The iPhone 12 and 12 mini for really cheap (by Apple standards anyway)

While that may sound too good to be true, it is possible to get the price down to that if you meet certain conditions. The first of which is a HDFC Bank Credit Card, Debit cards will work too but you will get a lower cashback value. You also need to have an older iPhone at hand and not too old. While Imagine does not specify what model, we can assume that you are going to need at least an iPhone XR to avail some buyback value.

Besides these, there is the matter of loyalty points which will net you another Rs 1,898 off the sticker price. If you meet all the criteria, then Imagine also slaps a flat discount of Rs 1,500 and gives you an exchange bonus of Rs 3,000. Phew! A lot to remember there but worth it if you can make it count.

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So, using this method of calculation, the iPhone 12 mini which has a sticker price of Rs 69,900 will see you spending only Rs 34,702 on it and the iPhone 12 can be nabbed for Rs 44,502. So, what are you waiting for? Go open an HDFC Bank account, get yourself someone who has Imagine royalty points, find the nearest Imagine store to you and get crunching.

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first published: Mar 25, 2021 07:09 pm