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Will robust equity markets fire up appetite for IPOs again?

According to PRIME Database, Rs97, 077 crore worth of issues have the SEBI nod to tap capital markets. Will this mean another wave of IPO activity in 2023?

November 17, 2022 / 11:45 AM IST
Will robust equity markets fire up appetite for IPOs again?

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Highlights Large pipeline of companies both with SEBI approval and awaiting clearance for IPOs Stock prices of last year’s IPOs, in fintech particularly, have faced a rout SEBI has tightened norms on disclosures Last two months have seen revival in investor appetite for IPOs The initial public offerings (IPOs) market seems to have moved out of its inertia in the last few weeks with a host of big names tapping retail investors. This month has seen companies that were in the pipeline, such as...

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