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The perennial succession woes of Indian companies are baffling

Holding shareholders, employees and investors in a state of animated suspense for months, sometimes years, till a successor to the CEO is found, is guaranteed to erode confidence in the company, as also in the newcomer

June 23, 2021 / 08:44 AM IST
The perennial succession woes of Indian companies are baffling

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Not for the first time, an Indian company, on this occasion Tata Motors, is in danger of being headless at a critical juncture. The company has only until June 30 to name its new CEO to replace Guenter Butschek, whose five-year term had officially ended in February 2021. Perhaps it will. But doesn’t a part of succession planning include giving the incoming person some time with the incumbent CEO or at least some time to find his feet? Sure, Marc Llistosella,...

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