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The Green Pivot | How Hero, Bajaj and TVS are preparing for EV competition

From barely 150,000 units sold until FY2021, analysts expect the electric two-wheeler market to grow exponentially to 15 million units annually by FY2026

June 29, 2021 / 02:59 PM IST
The Green Pivot | How Hero, Bajaj and TVS are preparing for EV competition

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The Green Pivot is a new series from Moneycontrol Pro that decodes the developments in electric mobility, new energy and ESG investments. The writing is clear on the wall. Electric vehicles (EVs) are set to disrupt the automotive ecosystem globally. In the Indian context, industry experts forecast that the fastest transition from petrol vehicles to EVs will take place in two-wheelers (2W). New age companies are already drawing up aggressive plans to lure the Indian commuter. Digital marketing and social media...

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