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Start-up Street: As VC funding ebbs, start-ups must focus on value, not valuation

Investor sentiment in Silicon Valley is the most negative since the dot-com crash

May 19, 2022 / 10:41 AM IST
Start-up Street: As VC funding ebbs, start-ups must focus on value, not valuation

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SoftBank, led by Masayoshi Son, has been the textbook example of venture capital (VC) largesse. They’ve made many big bang investments and facilitated even more success stories. And now, things are turning sour. SoftBank’s Vision Fund posted a record investment loss of about $26 billion for its latest financial year. Its stock price has plummeted ,losing half its value since March. SoftBank isn’t alone. Tiger Global, another big VC firm, has been left licking its wounds as they racked...

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