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Smart money says prepare for a sluggish phase in equities

Historical data shows smart money plays a crucial role in supporting bull runs. For the Nifty breakout above 18500 to sustain, institutional support is an imperative

November 25, 2022 / 03:30 PM IST
Smart money says prepare for a sluggish phase in equities

Stock markets have had quite a roller-coaster ride lately. In 2022, the bulls rode Nifty to the critical resistance of 18,000 no less than four times, only to relinquish control to the bears. The bears have taken Nifty down to the lows of 15,000 only to hand control back to the bulls. And that’s how, this year, Nifty has gone everywhere, but headed nowhere, so far. On Thursday, the Nifty created a new lifetime high by crossing 18,500 for the...

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