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Rupee to remain under pressure as it catches up with other Asian majors

In trade weighted inflation adjusted REER terms, the Rupee was close to its fair value in March 2022 against a basket of 40 currencies. However, intensification of depreciation pressure on the Chinese Yuan would weigh on the Rupee and other Asian currencies to maintain competitiveness. A sharp depreciation in Yuan remains a key downside risk to the Rupee’s exchange rate

May 16, 2022 / 09:19 AM IST
Rupee to remain under pressure as it catches up with other Asian majors

The Indian Rupee hit a new all-time low versus the US dollar last week. With the global stock markets extending their string of losses for the sixth consecutive week, speculative assets like cryptocurrencies seeing a sharp sell-off and the US dollar moving to a 20-year high in the ensuing investor risk aversion, the move in the Rupee was not entirely unexpected. Financial markets are continuing to adjust to the aggressive tightening guidance of the US Federal Reserve, as the central...

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