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Negative cues make 6 percent plus growth a distant goal

External demand is likely to fail to deliver and domestic consumption is still to recover fully. With El Nino looming, India’s 6% growth for 2023-24 looks like a challenge  

March 17, 2023 / 04:31 PM IST
Negative cues make 6 percent plus growth a distant goal


Highlights  India’s trade partners such as US, UK are hovering near recession while China is expecting a sobering 5% growth El Nino is likely to turn in a very hot summer, driving up energy demand as well as affect the monsoon Household consumption hasn’t recovered, and while investments are looking bright, corporates aren’t biting the bullet due to lower demand prospects SVB’s collapse has put the spotlight on Indian start-ups where large layoffs are showing inner trouble Indian banks are far healthier than their...

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