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Is G20 veering away from its original mandate?

The just-concluded Bali summit fails to put behind war worries and draw up a concrete action plan to mitigate the economic constraints that the world is facing today. Can India’s presidency set a practical agenda for the bloc?

November 18, 2022 / 09:10 AM IST
Is G20 veering away from its original mandate?

The tree planting came after Biden's emergency G-7 and NATO meeting, after the Polish government said a Russian-made missile had exploded in eastern Poland. (Image: AP)

Highlights G20 declaration after Bali summit prioritises war concerns World leaders spend more time discussing security issues Immediate economic issues get little attention G20 is not meant to be a forum for geopolitics Bali communique replete with promises on economic issues But a concrete action plan missing Is the grouping losing its focus and purpose? The focus, more than the content, of the Bali Leaders’ Declaration betrays the shifting priorities of the G20 (Group of Twenty) nations in an uncertain world. A forum for the world’s major developed...

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