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Indian startups score unicorn century

There is a chance for India to go up even further in the unicorn pecking order as China has recently cracked down on its tech companies in order to gain better control over them. This has made investment into China, till recently the technology hub to be in, less attractive

May 06, 2022 / 09:11 AM IST
Indian startups score unicorn century

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India’s unicorn journey has just crossed a major milestone. The number of privately held start-up firms valued at over a billion dollars, or unicorns, has crossed hundred. Neobanking startup Open, the twentieth in the fintech sector, is the latest to make the grade with a fourth round of funding led by IIFL and with continuing participation by global investors like Temasek and Tiger Global. The journey has been rapidly picking up speed. Through 2021 as many as 44 joined the...

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