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Gland Pharma’s focus on injectables yields superior growth

Gland Pharma’s revenue growth surpassed that of frontline drug companies in FY21. It is expected to outpace industry majors in the current fiscal too

May 21, 2021 / 08:59 AM IST
Gland Pharma’s focus on injectables yields superior growth

Deep focus helps. When asked why Dr Reddy’s Laboratories launched an injection to treat infections in partnership with Gland Pharma, despite having invested in injectable capacities itself, G V Prasad, co-chairman and managing director of Dr Reddy’s, said: “I think the penems require dedicated facilities, which we don’t have and Gland Pharma has dedicated a line to penems so we are using that capacity.” That in a way underscores the importance of Gland Pharma. It is a vertically integrated injectable-focused...

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