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Accenture’s results show big IT companies can weather pay hikes for now

Accenture raised its operating profit margin guidance for the current fiscal and exuded confidence in meeting increased demand for people

March 22, 2021 / 09:35 AM IST
Accenture’s results show big IT companies can weather pay hikes for now

In a people-centric business such as IT services, salary hikes and the addition of a large number of employees in quick succession generally stokes cost pressures. But major IT firms are not voicing such concerns yet. In fact global IT services major Accenture plc improved its operating profit margins in the quarter ending February 2021, despite the company adding a record number of employees at the net level. Importantly, the company raised its operating profit margin guidance for the current fiscal year and was confident of meeting the increased demand for people. “Accenture upping the full-year guidance to 15-15.1...

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