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A cold winter awaits Europe if Russia completely shuts down gas supply 

Europe starts filling up its storage tanks with gas from the middle of the year to sustain itself in winter. Russia’s cut has impacted the incremental flow which was meant for storage. 

June 24, 2022 / 09:28 AM IST
A cold winter awaits Europe if Russia completely shuts down gas supply 

(Representative image: Reuters)

European leaders are shivering at the very thought of approaching winter, not because of the drop in temperature but because of the possibility of running out of fuel to heat homes and industries. The fast-changing developments in Europe on account of the Russia-Ukraine war are causing multiple collateral damages to the continent. Apart from spiralling fuel and food inflation, there are supply side issues that have started affecting normal life in Europe. After NATO imposed sanctions on Russia, the latter retaliated by insisting...

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