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Interview | EV localisation will take off as supply chains warm up to India: PB Balaji, CFO, Tata Motors

The only stumbling blocks, says Balaji, are semiconductor availability for JLR, inflation, and the ability to manage cost challenges at Tata Motors

May 31, 2022 / 10:22 AM IST
Interview | EV localisation will take off as supply chains warm up to India: PB Balaji, CFO, Tata Motors

every problem or challenge that JLR faced in the past, be it breakeven point, be it quality or be it China sales, is sorted: Balaji

Neither rising interest rates nor spiralling costs are a speed breaker for Tata Motors when it comes to the performance of JLR. This is because the operating dynamics are completely different in this super luxury premium car segment. As PB Balaji, CFO, Tata Motors, puts it, customers in this high-end segment have a You-Only-Live-Once mindset. So demand is likely to be unaffected. But on home turf, Balaji is very much mindful of these potholes. As a result, instead of harbouring any...

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