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May 18, 2018 12:20 AM IST | Source:

RCB vs SRH IPL 2018 Highlights: Bangalore stay alive with 14-run win over Hyderabad

Catch all the highlights from the 51st game of the 2018 Indian Premier League between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

  • May 17, 07:57 PM (IST)

    Check out the full match scorecard here

  • May 18, 12:00 AM (IST)

    That’s it from us folks. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the game. Join us again tomorrow as Delhi Daredevils take on the Chennai Super Kings at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, Delhi. Till then it’s goodbye.

  • May 17, 11:57 PM (IST)

    AB de Villiers is the Man of the Match.

  • May 17, 11:50 PM (IST)
  • May 17, 11:48 PM (IST)
  • May 17, 11:47 PM (IST)
  • May 17, 11:43 PM (IST)
  • May 17, 11:43 PM (IST)
  • May 17, 11:39 PM (IST)

    RCB beat SRH by 14 runs. 

  • May 17, 11:39 PM (IST)

    Siraj to bowl the final over. CAUGHT! He sends down the first ball towards the leg stump and Williamson who shuffled across to the off stump doesn’t get enough on it and de Grandhomme keep his composure to take the catch right at the ropes in the deep fine leg area. Siraj pitches the next ball outside off and Pandey who was looking for the scoop completely misses. That’s 2 dot balls to start the over. He sends in a full toss and Pandey fails to connect yet again as the ball comes off his pads and they pick up a single. That’s brilliant by Siraj, all he has to do is bowl three legitimate deliveries now.

    DROPPED! Hooda goes for the big shot on the next ball but Kohli at long off drops the catch. Siraj keeps his composure and completes the over brilliantly. RCB win the game by 14 runs.

    SRH 204/3 after 20 overs. 

  • May 17, 11:32 PM (IST)

    Southee to bowl his final over. He starts with a wide. Southee sends down the Yorker on the next ball and Pandey hits it straight down the ground, de Grandhomme gets to the ball but slips and lets it escape for a FOUR. Pandey then gets under the next ball and sends it over mid off for back-to-back FOURs. Southee does brilliantly to give away just 2 runs off the next 3 balls. He sends down a fuller delivery outside off to end the over and Pandey gets behind it with power, sending the ball zipping to long off for a FOUR.

    SRH need 20 off the last over to win.  

    SRH 199/2 after 19 overs. 

  • May 17, 11:27 PM (IST)

    FIFTY up for Pandey 50 (30)

  • May 17, 11:25 PM (IST)

    Siraj back into the attack. Siraj looks for the Yorker on the first delivery and Pandey just goes across the stumps and flicks the ball over fine leg for a SIX. He then gets low in his crease and plays an upper cut to take the very next ball over short third man for a FOUR. Siraj does well to give away just 3 runs off the next 3 balls. Siraj nails the Yorker to end the over with a single. 14 runs off the over.

    SRH need 35 off 12 balls to win.

    SRH 184/2 after 18 overs. 

  • May 17, 11:20 PM (IST)
  • May 17, 11:19 PM (IST)

    Southee to bowl the 17th. He starts well bowling to his field, sending down wide Yorkers. A misfield by Umesh allows Pandey to pick up a couple off the 3rd ball. He gives away just 5 runs off the first 5 balls. Southee keeps his composure and sends down another wide Yorker to end the over. Just 6 runs off it. That was a top class over from Southee.

    SRH need 49 runs off 18 balls to win.

    SRH 170/2 after 17 overs. 

  • May 17, 11:13 PM (IST)

    Chahal to bowl his final over. Pandey drags the shorter ball behind square leg for a FOUR. Pandey sends the next ball to deep square leg and goes for the double, it was a quick throw back from de Grandhomme and Parthiv did well to direct the ball onto the stumps but Pandey only just manages to make it back into the crease. Pandey plays the last ball to mid wicket and once again they pick up a double to end the over. Good running from the SRH men. 12 comes off the over.

    SRH need 55 runs from 24 balls to win.

    SRH 164/2 after 16 overs. 

  • May 17, 11:08 PM (IST)

    de Grandhomme continues. Pandey sends the first ball racing towards the deep midwicket boundary, Kohli does well as he puts in a full length dive and gets his hand to the ball but it runs away at the very last moment for a FOUR. Pandey then clips the next ball to deep square leg for another FOUR. Williamson gets a low full toss and he sends it flying over deep square for a SIX. Pandey gets a good length delivery to end the over with and he launches it over long on for a SIX. 22 runs off that over.

    SRH 152/2 after 15 overs. 

  • May 17, 11:04 PM (IST)

    Umesh back into the attack. Williamson executes a beautiful cut, sending the 3rd ball behind backward point for a FOUR. This is sensational batting from the SRH captain who seems to be fighting a lone battle here. Umesh sends down a shorter ball to end the over and Williamson tears into it, pulling it over deep midwicket for a SIX.  

    SRH 130/2 after 14 overs. 

  • May 17, 10:59 PM (IST)

    Colin de Grandhomme comes into the attack. Williamson whips the 3rd ball to deep midwicket to pick up a double, that brings up the FIFTY for the SRH captain. His 8th half century this season. Williamson ends the over by muscling the ball over deep midwicket for a SIX.

    SRH need 102 off 42 balls to win.

    SRH 117/2 after 13 overs. 

  • May 17, 10:57 PM (IST)

    FIFTY up for Williamson 51 (28)

  • May 17, 10:55 PM (IST)

    Siraj back into the attack. Williamson moves across and pulls the 3rd ball flat over deep midwicket for a SIX. Siraj sends in a slower one to counter that shot but Williamson cuts this to deep backward point for a FOUR. 11 runs off the over.

    SRH 105/2 after 12 overs. 

  • May 17, 10:51 PM (IST)
  • May 17, 10:51 PM (IST)

    Chahal back into the attack. He finds some great turn on the very first ball beating Williamson. He keeps it tight in the over not giving away any loose deliveries. Just 3 runs come off it. SRH cannot afford these quiet overs.

    SRH need 125 runs off 54 balls.

    SRH 94/2 after 11 overs. 

  • May 17, 10:47 PM (IST)

    Moeen continues. Williamson has shifted gears here. He first gets low and sweeps the first ball to deep square leg for a FOUR. Moeen tosses the next ball outside off and Williamson whips it through mid wicket for back-to-back FOURs. Moeen tries to counter by sending one down the middle but Williamson swings hard at it launching it over deep midwicket for a SIX. That’s 14 runs off the first 3 balls. 17 runs comes off the over.

    SRH 91/2 after 10 overs. 

  • May 17, 10:44 PM (IST)
  • May 17, 10:43 PM (IST)

    Southee back into the attack. Williamson pulls the shorter delivery to backward square leg for a FOUR. He follows this up by slapping the very next ball over deep extra cover for back-to-back FOURs. 10 runs off the over.

    SRH 74/2 after 9 overs. 

  • May 17, 10:42 PM (IST)
  • May 17, 10:41 PM (IST)

    Moeen Ali comes into the attack. He restricts the batsmen to just singles off the first 5 balls. CAUGHT! Hales pulls the last delivery towards deep midwicket, de Villiers runs towards it and leaps miles up and takes a spectacular catch with just one hand right at the edge of the boundary. What a BEAUTY! It was an unbelievable catch by de Villiers. Hales who has been dropped twice is stunned.

    SRH 64/2 after 8 overs. 

  • May 17, 10:38 PM (IST)

    WICKET! Hales c de Villiers b Moeen 37 (24)

  • May 17, 10:32 PM (IST)
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