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The Moneycontrol Real Estate Show | Residential demand exceeding pre-COVID levels

In this episode of The Moneycontrol Real Estate show, Moneycontrol's Vandana Ramnani talks to Tariq Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer, West India at Prestige Group, about the company’s plans in the residential space.

Ahmed also tells listeners that the key markets for the group going forward will be Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai in terms of size. “These three key markets and some of the smaller cities in South India that will drive sales. We also have a flag planted in Goa as well,” he says.

The company is also planning to come up with a large hospitality project in Delhi with over 800 rooms combined through two hotel properties. “It is under construction and therefore it should come to the market in about two to three years,” he says.

He tells listeners that sales have touched a historical high, “particularly in our home markets, we have seen that demand clearly beyond pre-COVID levels.”

The company’s marquee project in Bengaluru has sold largely on the villa and open land concept and people are demanding more area. “We are seeing a robust uptick and this bull run is here to stay till at least the medium term,” he signs off.

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