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A comparative analysis of online Will services

Drafting a Will is a critical part of Estate Planning. The presence of a Will reduces complexities for the legal heirs and also quickens the process.

October 13, 2014 / 04:04 PM IST


Executive Summary: An online Will is the creation of a Will on the website of the service provider by updating details and getting it drafted by the service provider’s lawyer. Online Will services are catching up in India. In addition to providing assistance in drafting a Will, an Online Will service provider also provides other services like being an executor, registration of the Will and keeping safe custody of the Will - all for additional charges. This article compares features across 3 Online Will providers - Warmond Trustees and Executors Pvt. Ltd, HDFC Securities and Terentia Consultants Private Limited.

Drafting a Will is a critical part of Estate Planning. The presence of a Will reduces complexities for the legal heirs and also quickens the process. A Will, in its simplest form, is written on paper, attested by two witnesses and registered. However, with almost all financial products and services available on the internet, online Will creation has also come into vogue.

An online Will is drafted by registering oneself on the respective company’s portal. One has to fill in the relevant details according to the format required. The Will is drafted by the legal experts and sent to the person for review. On final confirmation, the Will is either emailed to the person or sent by post. Online Wills are faster to be completed and come at a lower cost compared to what one may have to pay a lawyer. Further, one can do multiple revisions and changes before the final submission.

In India, e-Wills are just picking up. As a result, variations and options are quite limited. We have compared the features of 3 e-Will services in the country.



Warmond Trustees and Executors Pvt. Ltd.

HDFC Securities

Terentia Consultants Private Limited

Name of Product



Online Will

Collaborating Partner

NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited





Additional charges for optional services

  1. Rs. 250 for each review iteration
  2. Rs. 500 for home delivery in select cities,
  3. Subsequent modifications to the Will available at a discount

Offline Services:

  1. Advice on succession matters - Rs. 2,000
  2. Checking/Vetting of Will - Rs. 2,000
  3. Drafting of Customised Will - Rs. 10,000
  4. Guidance for Will signing / execution - Rs. 2000,
  5. Will for NRI/PIO/OCI - Rs. 4,000

Only Will product:

  1. Digital Will - Rs. 1,499
  2. Cloud Storage - Rs. 1,499
  3. Registration Guidance - Rs. 1,499
  4. Codicil - Rs. 2,499
  5. Physical Safe Custody - Rs. 999

Platinum Will Product: Additional membership fee of Rs. 499; All above services are free in Platinum Plan for 1 year

Steps in Will Creation


Maximum time to complete the process

One month

60 days

Information not available

Payment options

Online and offline

Online and offline

Information not available

Delivery of Final Will

Email or Courier


Information not available

Executor-ship services

Available at extra cost

Available at extra cost

Available at extra cost

Registration of Will

Available at extra cost

Available at extra cost

Available at extra cost

Other Features

Will creation includes 2 review iterations, Payment can be made only at the time of submission of data unlike other 2 players where it is immediately after registration, Physical delivery of Will is also possible, online guidance is available

Maximum time up to 60 days available to complete the Will, Advanced offline services are available at extra cost

Will creation includes 2 drafts in Basic Plan and 3 drafts in Platinum Plan, Pricing more expensive compared to other 2 players, Advanced services like cloud storage and digital Will are available





Cost of a normal Will can vary based on location, your asset size, estate planning requirements and experience of the lawyer. Normally, a decently experienced lawyer would charge around Rs. 10,000+ for drafting of the Will.

The concept of an e-Will is easy, saves time and comes at a lower cost compared to a regular lawyer’s fees. But it is critical that service providers offer security of information, as this is a highly sensitive financial matter. The portals assure confidentiality and safety of the personal data submitted.

Although the concept of an online Will is relatively new in India, it is catching up. In this age where everything is interspersed with technology, it will not be surprising if online Wills grow quite fast in popularity and usage in the years to come.

It is not a must to take help from a lawyer or an online platform to draft your Will. There are several will templates available freely on various websites on internet. That said, hiring an expert can always make a difference and add value in such a critical task.

The author can be reached at smitha@gettingyourich.com. The above is for information purposes only and does not construe to be any form of financial advice. The information has been sourced from various online sources and is valid on the date being published.

first published: Oct 13, 2014 04:04 pm

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