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Mutual fund industry's monthly SIP contribution peaks to Rs 11,305 crore in Dec 2021; Key highlights

The SIP assets under management (AUM) at the end of December was Rs 5,65,420.04 crore, which is higher than Rs 5,46,683.12 crore in November, AMFI said.

January 10, 2022 / 07:09 PM IST
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Mutual fund industry's monthly SIP contribution peaked to Rs 11,305 crore in December 2021, higher than Rs 11,004 crore recorded in the preceding month.

This is the highest-ever amount of SIP contribution received in a month.

The number of SIP accounts for December were 4,90,78,547, up from from 4,78,24,469 in November, the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) said in a press release. The numbers reflect a monthly increase of over 12.54 lakh.

The SIP assets under management (AUM) at the end of December was Rs 5,65,420.04 crore, which is higher than Rs 5,46,683.12 crore in November, AMFI said.

"Net asset under management as on December 31st 2021 is Rs 37,72,696.31 crore, the average asset under management (AAUM) is Rs 37,91,810.92 crore. Multicap Fund has witnessed growth in Rs 10,516.32 crore. The Income /Debt oriented schemes has seen outflow of Rs -49,154.10 crore," the statement noted.

Here are the key highlights from the numbers released by AMFI:

- At Rs 37,72,696.31 crore, the net AUMs for the Indian mutual fund industry reports consistent growth.

- Number of folios as on December 31st, 2021, stood at 12,02,06,576 as compared to 9,85,68,709 as on April 30, 2021, and 9,51,88,368 as on January 31, 2021.

- Number of folios under retail schemes (Equity+Hybrid+Solution Oriented Schemes) at 9,68,77,77.

- Monthly SIP contribution collected at Rs 11,305.34 crore is at an all-time high.

- SIP AUM as at the end of December 2021 was Rs 5,65,420.04 crore.

- The number of SIP accounts stood all-time high in December 2021 at 4,90,78,547 as compared to 4,78,24,469 in November 2021.

- Retail AUMs (Equity+Hybrid+Solution Oriented Schemes) in November stood at Rs 18,33,594.2 crore.

- Multicap fund saw surge within net inflow of 10,516.32 compared to 347 in November 2021.

- Twenty different NFOs were launched in December 2021. Funds mobilised through the 3 categories - Income/Debt Oriented Schemes, Growth/ Equity Oriented Schemes and Hybrid Schemes is Rs 20,616 crore.

According to AMFI Chief Executive N S Venkatesh, 2021 has been a "momentous year" for mutual fund industry.

"The year has seen remarkable growth in mutual funds with hike in inflows across all categories of funds. From an Average AUM of Rs 30,96,274 crore in December 2020 to Rs 37,72,696.31 crore in December 2021, the year-on-year growth of 26 percent has set the ball rolling for mutual fund industry in 2022," Venkatesh said.

On the steady surge in monthly SIP contribution, the AMFI chief said SIP has been the "favourite medium of consistent investing and disciplined mode of savings by the common man".

"This is evident from the number of accounts rising. Through regular financial literacy, retail investors are understanding the nuances of managing market volatility and risk adjustment through SIP. Overall, 2021 has ended in rise in disciplined investing through rise in number of SIP investments," he noted.

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first published: Jan 10, 2022 06:30 pm