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Maruti Suzuki: On a slippery road to recovery

With competition mounting in the passenger vehicle market, Maruti’s retail market share has been shaky

August 02, 2021 / 10:23 AM IST
Maruti Suzuki: On a slippery road to recovery

The logo of Maruti Suzuki India Limited is pictured on a car parked outside a showroom in New Delhi

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd’s 50 percent sales growth (announced on August 1) year-on-year must be viewed in the context of its low base last year due to pandemic-led disruptions. The company’s media release stated that the month’s domestic sales were still below the corresponding period in 2018, which was the peak. In any case, the country’s largest car maker's perforamance has been wobbling. Apart from the pandemic that choked growth, Maruti’s weak product mix in the face of stiff competition...

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