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'World's oldest meal' discovered by scientists. Why it matters

A team from the Australian National University shares some astonishing new insights.

November 27, 2022 / 08:34 AM IST
(Image credit: Australian National University)

(Image credit: Australian National University)

Scientists have found traces of the "world's oldest meal" in a species dating back 575 million years, a discovery they said sheds light on how our earliest animal ancestors functioned.

A team from the Australian National University studied Ediacaran period-fossils retrieved from Russia and attained astonishing insights.

They said the fossils contained remnants of a type of fat found in plants. That suggested to scientists that the creature ate algae and bacteria from the ocean floor.

Studying the traces also helped scientists confirm that the organism, known as Kimberella, had a gut and mouth and digested food like modern animals.