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Putin supporter gets himself branded with ‘Z’ symbol using red hot poker | Video

The letter Z has become a symbol of war in Russia, with latest footage showing a man getting himself branded with the symbol.

July 31, 2022 / 11:22 AM IST
Russian man brands himself with Z symbol (Image credit: @nexta_tv/Twitter)

Russian man brands himself with Z symbol (Image credit: @nexta_tv/Twitter)

Disturbing visuals show a Russian man getting himself branded with the Z symbol using a red hot poker, apparently in a show of support for Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine.

Belarusian media outlet Nexta shared footage of the shirtless man sitting cross-legged inside a shed. Another man heats up the poker and uses it to brand a Z symbol on his chest. The newly-branded man then gets up and raises his fists in the air, yelling in Russian.

The letter Z has become a symbol of war in Russia. According to The Guardian, it was first spotted on Russian tanks and military vehicles shortly after the invasion of Ukraine in late February.

Since then, it has gone from a military marking to a symbol of public support in Russia for President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Three days after the invasion, state-funded Russian news channel RT announced it would sell Z merchandise, including clothing like hoodies, to show support for Russian troops.


Visuals of children in schools and hospitals standing in the ‘Z’ formation, as well as photographs of Russian and Soviet troops superimposed with the symbol have also surfaced online since the invasion.

Earlier this month, the UN rights chief condemned Russia's "senseless war" in Ukraine as she demanded an end to the "unbearable" civilian suffering unleashed by the invasion.

Michelle Bachelet called for an immediate end to hostilities and redress for the war's victims, in her final appearance before the UN Human Rights Council.

"As we enter the fifth month of hostilities, the unbearable toll of the conflict in Ukraine continues to mount," the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said.

(With inputs from AFP)
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