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Deloitte employee praises Adolf Hitler in LinkedIn post, sacked after backlash

The man, identified as Neerabh Mehrotra-an employee with Deloitte-wrote in his LinkedIn post about how he always wanted to read about Adolf Hitler and went on to speak about his 'charismatic qualities'.

May 26, 2023 / 09:52 AM IST
Neerabh Mehrotra

Neerabh Mehrotra was slammed for the LinkedIn post praising Adolf Hitler on Twitter. (Image: Flickr/Recuerdos de Pandora)

A Deloitte employee was forced to apologise and later deleted his LinkedIn account after he was slammed for a post, where he praised German dictator Adolf Hitler. He has now been sacked from his job he joined a month ago, Deloitte confirmed later.

The man, identified as Neerabh Mehrotra, wrote in his post titled "Friday Inspiration" about how he always wanted to read about Hitler and went on to speak about the "charismatic qualities" he had.

"Recently I picked up a book on Adolf Hitler "The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler" by Laurence Rees. I always wanted to read about Hitler and the World War II and this book gave me a fair understanding about these topic," Mehrotra, who worked in the Risk Advisory Department at Deloitte, wrote.

He then went on to state "some of the imperative qualities" of Hitler such as "charismatic visionary, magnetic speaker, extremely confident, very intellectual and massive action taker,".

Mehrotra was slammed for the post on Twitter with many users sharing screenshots from the post.

"Dangerous thoughts made visible. Revealing. They are personal until things get real," another user wrote.

Mehrotra later clarified in an open letter that he did not intend to hurt anyone's feelings and requested for forgiveness.

''My mentors/bosses/coaches have always taught me that if I make a mistake then I should have the audacity to accept it as well, so here I come forward to sincerely apologize for my post and I will not write anything about such personalities in the future," he wrote.

However, it seemed like he had not recovered from the criticism and later deleted his LinkedIn account.

Deloitte, in a official statement, said that the man is not working with the company anymore.

"The views on social media expressed by the individual, who joined our organization last month, are not aligned with our shared values and violate our internal policies. This individual no longer works for Deloitte India," an official spokesperson of the company said in a press note.

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first published: May 24, 2023 01:34 pm