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Last Updated : Apr 10, 2019 08:54 AM IST

AMD unveils high-performance Second-Gen Ryzen Pro mobile processors

AMD's newly launched mobile CPUs are similar to the Picasso APUs announced at CES 2019.

Carlsen Martin

AMD has just dropped a new line of laptop CPUs for different market segments. The chipmaker has officially unveiled its 2nd Gen Ryzen Pro mobile processors based on AMD’s 12nm Zen+ architecture engineered for businesses and managed commercial environments.

AMD's newly launched mobile CPUs are similar to the Picasso APUs announced at CES 2019 in terms of core and thread counts, graphics engines, and TDPs. Apart from the second-generation Ryzen Pro 3000 series chips, AMD has also introduced a new Athlon 300U mobile processor for entry-level notebooks.
Chip Process Cores Threads Base Clock Max Boost Clock Radeon Graphics TDP L2+L3 Cache
Ryzen 7 Pro 3700U 12nm 4 8 2.3GHz 4.0GHz Vega 10 (10 CU) 15W 6MB
Ryzen 5 Pro 3500U 12nm 4 8 2.1GHz 3.7GHz Vega 8 (8 CU) 15W 6MB
Ryzen 3 Pro 3300U 12nm 4 4 2.1GHz 3.5GHz Vega 6 (6 CU) 15W 6MB
Athlon Pro 300U 12nm 2 4 2.4GHz 3.3GHz Vega 3 (3 CU) 15W 5MB

While all the new Ryzen Mobile chips support DDR4-2400 memory, the quad-core Ryzen 3 model comes without threading. AMD has upgraded the cores over the first-gen Zen design with more sophisticated multi-core boost algorithms, essentially making them excellent for everyday use. AMD’s Zen+ architecture is based on a 12nm processor that is capable of providing higher clock speeds within the same TDP range, which translates to better performance and power-efficiency.

AMD claims that performance of the recently-launched Ryzen Pro 3000-series chips is slightly better or on par with Intel’s 8th Gen Core CPUs in mainstream productivity applications. But, it offers double the performance in graphics applications. The chipmaker also claims rendering tasks are accelerated with the integrated Radeon Vega graphics.


Performance aside, the new chips will also deliver better power efficiency with the company claiming 10 hours of battery life for video playback and 12 hours for general productivity tasks. AMD is also offering better security features on the new chips and has promised 18 months of software updates.

HP and Lenovo will be the first to adopt AMD's 2nd Gen Ryzen Pro and Athlon Pro processors in its machines with more OEMs set to follow suit.

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First Published on Apr 10, 2019 08:54 am
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