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Year Ender 2021 | The 10 best apps for your iPhone

From organising your email, to tracking your passport applications, here are 10 iPhone apps to try out

December 27, 2021 / 07:53 PM IST
Some great apps that can help you get more out of your iPhone

Some great apps that can help you get more out of your iPhone

Apple's App Store was where it all began in 2008. What started as an interesting idea of allowing third-parties to use the hardware to create apps, has ballooned into a huge market that now keeps thousands of companies in business.

To think the journey started with just 500 apps on launch. The App Store is now full of apps that all compete for your time, so we thought we would help you out. Here are 10 apps you should try on your iPhone today.

DSLR Camera

One of the older apps on the list, which has been around since 2014. DSLR camera allows you to take photos and videos with manual controls, advanced editor and a lot of professional looking filters.

It can take photos in RAW format, has AI based predictive filters, supports portrait mode, has Siri shortcuts and even an AR assistant to help you get the perfect shot.


Spark Mail - Email by Readdle 

Spark Mail is an intelligent email organiser that can link with multiple accounts across services like Gmail or Microsoft Exchange in one place.

It's also nicely designed, with a great user interface and support for Dark Mode. Spark Mail organises all your mail into separate categories for easier access, lets you schedule emails to send out automatically and even allows you to collaborate on emails with your colleagues.

Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks

From an app that organises your mail, to one that organises your calendar. It has tons of unique features and allows you to sync calendars with multiple different services including Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Google, iCloud, Office 365 and even more.

Vehicle Registration Info

If you have ever wondered who the idiot was that cross-parked in front of your car or want to check the registered details of a car's previous owner before buying it, this is the app from you.

Simply enter the vehicles registration number and it will show you who the owner of the vehicle is, the type and model of the car, the owner's city and state and registration dates.

Vehicle Registration Info Vehicle Registration Info (Image Courtesy: Apple)

Forest - Your Focus Motivation

A unique app that gamifies the concept of staying away from your phone for a little while. While smartphones are invaluable companions, using them all the time without a break, can cause undue stress. That's where Forest comes in.

The idea is simple, set a timer and then start a session. At the beginning, you will plant a seed and if you manage to successfully stay away from your device till the timer runs out, the seed will slowly grow into a tree.

Falter and pick up the phone too early, the tree withers and dies. The end goal is to have enough trees for a forest.

Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks

If you want some help organising the tasks you have during the day, then Todoist is one of the more powerful organiser apps, out there.

It has a detailed planner, helps you remember deadlines and bill due dates, tracks your projects and even integrates with Gmail, Slack, Alexa and more.


TouchRetouch is an advanced object removal tool for your photos. It helps you clean up photos by removing unwanted wires, objects like street lights, stop signs etc., clean up faces by removing blemishes, pimples etc. and remove text from Instagram and Snapchat posts.

Money Manager Expense & Budget

The title says it all. Money Manager's account management chops help you streamline your cashflow and check statistics about how you are spending your money and where.

It has budget planning features, along with calendar views, and calculator functions. It also allows to divide your accounts in categories and sub-categories for easier access.

Money Manager Money Manager (Image Courtesy: RealByte)

Procreate Pocket

Procreate Pocket is art studio app that offers thousands of handmade brushes, artistic tools and allows you to create sketches, paintings and animations.

Govt Guide - PAN Card, Aadhaar

Think of this app as your one stop for all your government services needs. It can help track consignments from the Indian Postal Service, get PNR status for trains, lets you see your PAN card details, tracks your passport application and much more.

Govt Guide Govt Guide (Image Courtesy: Apple)
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first published: Dec 27, 2021 07:53 pm
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