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Will Ola Electric’s aggressive pricing be a game changer in 2Ws?

From a customer point of view, the cost of ownership is critical in two-wheelers. Note that there was traction in e2W sales after the government increased subsidies for EVs under FAME II policies

August 18, 2021 / 09:56 AM IST
Will Ola Electric’s aggressive pricing be a game changer in 2Ws?

After a long wait, Ola Electric’s scooter was finally unveiled last week. The best-in-class features, snazzy design, colour palette and the ability to customize the riding experience spelt out at the launch were not surprising, given the teasers on social media. But what makes Ola’s electric scooter (e-scooter) the differentiator among peers is the aggressive price of its first model S1 and the variant S1 Pro.  Certainly, the Ola group’s CEO Bhavish Agarwal and his team have done their homework well...

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