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What leadership changes in a small island in Europe means for Indian investors

Rishi Sunak has a tough task ahead to steer UK’s economy towards calmer waters with global markets watching if he will succeed, but his tenure has important implications for India as well

October 28, 2022 / 10:26 AM IST
What leadership changes in a small island in Europe means for Indian investors

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Rishi Sunak was named the “latest” Prime Minister of the UK this week. This marks him as the country’s third Prime Minster in seven weeks. Considering that the UK has been embroiled in immense political and economic turmoil which has only escalated in the last few weeks, Sunak’s ride as the PM is expected to be a tumultuous one. But does it matter for the Indian economy and stock markets? String of Bad Breaks Spilling Over? Britain had never truly emerged from the...

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