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The spectre of Khalistan has raised its ugly head in Punjab again

The centre and the state must work together to nab the Pakistan-sponsored agents fomenting trouble in Punjab

March 23, 2023 / 09:00 AM IST
The spectre of Khalistan has raised its ugly head in Punjab again

India’s diplomatic missions were attacked in London and San Francisco by people chanting pro-Khalistan slogans. (Representative image)

Highlights  There have been several recent instances of extremist violence in Punjab  The pro-Khalistan agents receive support from Pakistan  At the same time, jobs must be provided for the youth  A war must be waged against drug use in Punjab  Punjab is a crucial border state and the centre and state governments must pool their efforts to nip this potential threat in the bud    An advertisement which appeared in The New York Times on October 12, 1971 read, ‘Today we are launching the final crusade...

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