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SEBI's proposed changes in IPO pricing and allotment to help strengthen the primary market

Sebi wants to split the HNI category into two, explore a change in the method of allotment and encourage better price discovery

October 06, 2021 / 09:25 AM IST
SEBI's proposed changes in IPO pricing and allotment to help strengthen the primary market

  The benefits of the IPO frenzy seen over the last few months have not percolated to all participants it seems, especially in the high networth individuals (HNIs) category. A consultation paper by the market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), has found that a group of HNIs has been cornering shares in IPOs by bidding heavily, while most others have received no allotment. According to the current allocation methodology, HNIs are allotted shares in an IPO based on...

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