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After a strong exit to FY21, will the cement sector stay strong through mini lockdowns?

Until now, it was believed that Tier II cities, where housing and rural infrastructure projects have been progressing well, are less likely to be affected by the virulent second wave. But latest data say otherwise

May 27, 2021 / 08:41 PM IST
After a strong exit to FY21, will the cement sector stay strong through mini lockdowns?

Cement manufacturers had just started to rejoice over the strong rise in cement prices in March that brought some relief from rising input costs. The month of April saw sustained increase from March levels, boosting pan-India cement prices by 10-12 per cent from the December levels. ACC Ltd, the first to report the March quarter (Q4FY2021) results, fared well with a double-digit growth in revenue from a year ago. This came along with optimum capacity utilisation at about 90...

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