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Ladakh's carbon neutral airport in progress in Leh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on multiple occasions, has reiterated that the Union Territory of Ladakh would be developed as a climate neutral region.

January 29, 2022 / 12:07 PM IST

On November 13 last year, engineer-turned-education reformer and environmentalist Sonam Wangchuk, posted on the social media platform Twitter, with an appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to save the upcoming Leh airport in the union territory of Ladakh. The airport, as per progress at that time, did not seem in alignment with the idea of a ‘carbon neutral Ladakh’ noted Wangchuk. The Prime Minister, on multiple occasions, has said that Ladakh would be developed as a ‘carbon-neutral region’.

In his video message, Wangchuk pointed out the irony of using three megawatt diesel boilers and generator systems for air conditioning at the airport, when, in a place like Leh, opening the windows would work better than any air conditioner. “What could have become a model for the world could perhaps become a case study for how not to do airports in such sunny high altitudes fragile locations,” Wangchuk said in his video message.

Carbon neutrality, in theory, is the when the sum of all the greenhouse gases put into and take out of the atmosphere balance out to zero.

The Prime Minister, in a response in the Parliament in February 2020 had said Ladakh would be developed as a carbon-neutral region, which he also reiterated this in his address to the nation on Independence Day where he said, “Just as Sikkim has made its mark as an organic state in the Northeast, Ladakh, Leh and Kargil can also create their own niche as a carbon neutral unit.” Plans for a solar park are also underway in Ladakh.