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SMEs must make use of newsletters as a marketing tool

For newsletter marketing to succeed, you must plan content for six months, and publish your newsletter at least every fortnight.

January 25, 2023 / 05:41 PM IST
The purpose of using e-mail newsletters is to establish credibility.

The purpose of using e-mail newsletters is to establish credibility.

Marketing in the virtual world used to be an altogether different game even though the principles of marketing remained the same. The activities in this world are ever-changing. We are not talking about Internet marketing here, but how normal marketing can be made cost-effective for SMEs with newsletters – online and offline.

We all send e-mail newsletters to a large number of prospects – in many cases without their opt-ins. There are service providers in India who offer several such services. They charge you by the number of e-mails they use to send your newsletter, just like a direct mailing service provider. There are a few service providers in the US who will charge you a percentage of the business you generate through the e-mail contacts they provide. Getting your email newsletter into your prospects’ inboxes is not the real task, however. Making them read these newsletters is the real task. Prospects are getting more sophisticated in e-mail management. They are getting inundated with spam, and many know how to filter out what they don't want to receive.

Therefore, it is up to you to e-mail the prospects something that they want to read. Here are a few pointers on how to accomplish that.

-Keep your newsletter informative. The main purpose of the newsletter is to build awareness and credibility. If it generates sales, that will be even better, but that is a secondary objective. If your focus is on providing information that is of interest and value to your prospects, something that would help their businesses, then you better your chances to make it to their inbox. Well, if you have been able to do that, half the task is done. Since most seasoned Internet users know how to avoid spamming and junk mail, avoid using phrases like “how to become a millionaire overnight”, “work from home and make Rs 75,000 per month” or “Reply immediately” etc since these are known ways of spammers in the subject line and a simple algorithm will classify them easily as such and divert these mails to Junk Box.