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Three years since Section 377 abolishment. Can LGBTQIA persons buy insurance, nominate each other, invest in MFs, take a home loan?

Transgender couples suffer due to fewer tax benefits and lack of financial products. While some institutions are sensitive and want to offer help, a grey area would exist until Courts in India permit same-sex marriages.

September 06, 2021 / 12:11 PM IST

Today, the sixth of September, marks the third anniversary of the path-breaking Supreme Court ruling that decriminalised homosexuality in India in 2018. But for those who identify themselves as being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual (LGBTQIA+) in India, getting financial services is still a pain, as same-sex marriages in India are not yet legalised.

For instance, imagine living with your dream partner, but not being able take joint home loans, name each other as beneficial nominees for life insurance policies or even inherit the wealth of your partner or parents.

These are some of the many ways in which the transgender in India faces financial discrimination.

On the third anniversary of the historic verdict, we delve deeper into the financial rights of at least a 2.5 million population that identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual (LGBTQIA+) community in India.